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ISBN 1-899077-09-X
Published by Gauge Ltd.

Rene Caisse’s Essiac is a well-known herbal remedy with an international reputation for having remedial value for a variety of health problems including cancer. It is recommended by complementary and medical practitioners, cancer centres and hospices worldwide.

The Essiac Book is the classic handbook is for anyone living with a cancer diagnosis and wants to know:
• Does ‘Essiac’ work?
• How can I get it?
• How do I make it?
• How can I make it work best for me?

After ‘Essiac Essentials’ & ‘Essiac, The Secrets of Rene Caisse’s Herbal Pharmacy’, The Essiac Book is the long-awaited and ultimate handbook in the Sheila Snow & Mali Klein ‘Essiac’ series and has been written at the request of Sheila Snow and her husband.

Written in Mali Klein’s easy-read style, The Essiac Book takes the evidence direct from The Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive Collection to confirm what those who worked with Rene Caisse always knew – that there was more than one ‘Essiac’ formula and more than four herbs involved in what was essentially a combination therapy of inter-related and interactive formulae.


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Mali Klein has worked continuously with Essiac since 1993 when her husband was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour as a result of his being wounded in action while serving with the US Marine Corps in 1967. All her research and hands-on experience with Rene Caisse’s Essiac formulae has been based exclusively on the knowledge gained from studying archive material made available to her by Sheila Snow when they began working together in 1996.

Mali Klein is the only ‘Essiac’ researcher in print who has had direct experience of the immediate effects of the Sheep sorrel injection. She suggests alternative and less traumatic ways of administering the Sheep sorrel decoction that have been demonstrated as being effective.

The Essiac Book:

• Analyses and puts into context all that is known about the original Native American eight-herb formula including dosage and measures in relation to the herbal formulae Rene Caisse developed for use at the Bracebridge Cancer Clinic, Ontario, Canada 1935 – 1941. New Information
• Includes easy to do, step by step instructions for every stage of mixing and making up the classic four-herb decoction, the Sheep sorrel decoction, the three-herb decoction and two extra formulae based information from the archive collection to extend the range of treatment options and dosage variations in keeping with Rene Caisse’s original work. New Information
• Does not promote one commercial product above another. The instructions given for making up the classic four-herb decoction are readily applicable to most of the ‘essiac’ – type products currently available.
• Updates previous notes on growing, harvesting and processing the herbs for anyone who wants to be self-supplying. New Information
• Names the Englishwoman for whom the eight-herb formula was originally developed.
New Information
• Gives a full account of Sheila Snow Fraser’s work with Rene Caisse. It is not generally known that without Sheila Snow, Rene Caisse may have died unknown, the secret of her cancer treatment may now be forgotten and Mary McPherson would never have found herself having to carry on Rene’s work after her death. New Information
• Devotes a complete chapter to the Bracebridge Cancer Clinic and reveals more case histories from that period. New Information
• Includes previously unreleased documents and photographs. New Information
• Discloses for the first time information from cassette tapes recorded by Sheila Snow Fraser in 1977 revealing the true circumstances surrounding the controversial Walde/Barker Essiac trials of that same year. New Information
• Includes a handy checklist for the cancer patients who want to take charge of their treatment programme and ‘do cancer well’, including notes on diet and vitamin and mineral supplements compatible with the Rene Caisse Essiac formulae.
New Information
• Does not stop at the last page. ‘Essiac’ tea stories are on going and the New ’Interactive’ Chapter gives users the opportunity to share their experiences on-line.

‘I think that old Essiac did work…there will be a resurgence of interest. I’m not pessimistic about the long view for Essiac.’ Doctor John Barker, 1977