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Written and presented by Mali Klein and available exclusively on DVD, this unique film takes you step by step through every stage of mixing and making up Rene Caisse’s classic four-herb decoction. The film includes still shots from Mali’s ‘Essiac’ Archive photo collection to help you identify the herbs and each stage of the preparation process is summarized with on-screen notes.

The instructions given are readily applicable to most of the ‘Essiac’ related products commercially available today and are easily adapted to include the preparation of the other four ‘Essiac’ formulae as described in ‘The Essiac Book’, Mali Klein, 2006, published by Gauge Ltd in conjunction with FisherMiller Publishing, UK. ISBN: 1-899077-09-X

‘The Essiac Book’ is the third and final book in the Sheila Snow/Mali Klein Essiac series. Mali Klein is the Custodian of The Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive Collection that includes direct and exclusive material shared by Rene Caisse with Sheila Snow from 1974 to 1977.

New Release DVD
'Making essiac tea'


This is currently unavailable. As soon as production issues have been resolved you will be able to purchase a copy. Please email if you would like to be informed when the DVD is available.